4 Reasons Popular Diets Work for Weight Loss

When you are considering a which weight loss program to choose it can be very confusing to know whether or not any of the popular diets you have probably heard or read about will work for you. There several top diets and exercise approaches that are proven to work, notably the Diet Solution Program, Truth About Abs and Fat Burning Furnace, to name a few. They have been used by hundreds of thousands of people and they have produced weight loss results. But not every diet and exercise plan is created equally (including others that are as effective but I have not mentioned). Having worked with many people to help them meet their weight loss goals, I have found that several popular diets are successful for the following 4 reasons:

Primary Focus on Diet or Exercise – For a weight reduction and management plan to work for it needs to have a primary focus as a diet or exercise plan. That doesn’t mean it has to exclusively focus on just one area, but the primary basis for the plan’s success is centered around one or the other. The reason is fairly straightforward – it is easier for people to embrace a new routine and see results if they only have to put the majority of focus towards diet or exercise.
Metabolism Matters – Popular diets and exercise routines that are effective take into account the significant role your metabolism plays in burning calories and losing weight. However a diet based plan (such as the Diet Solution Program, for example) will look at what your existing metabolism and provide you food choices that are ideal for that. An exercise based plan (Truth About Abs is a good example) is different as it attempts to have the participant change their actual metabolism through physical exercise. Both approaches work
Water Plays a Key Role – All of the popular diets that are truly effective ensure that water is central element to the overall plan. When you change your diet or add more exercise into your daily routine you body generates toxins that are resident based on your current state of fitness, the rate at which your burn calories, and what you are eating to fuel yourself. Those toxins need to be washed away and water accomplishes that. It also has the effect of helping you feel full when you are hungry as well as hydrating the body so you don’t crave sugary drinks or fatty foods.
Make A Gradual Lifestyle Change – You won’t be successful in losing weight, regardless of which of the popular diets you choose to follow, unless you can make a somewhat permanent lifestyle change. Those changes are different based on whether or not you want to embrace a diet approach for weight loss and management or an exercise approach. In my case I started with a diet approach, learning about what foods where healthy and how to prepare them. Overtime, once I had fundamentally shifted my understanding of food, I focused more on the exercise aspect.

When you are assessing popular diets and which will work for your situation, keep these four reasons in mind as you determine what is the best approach for you.

Popular Diets – What is Right For You?

Thanks to the internet there are now tons of diets available for people to try, and whilst this is a great thing, sometimes there are just too many different diets out there that it can be hard to know just what’s right for you.

Choosing the right diet is never essential as in all honesty a diet can be constructed by anyone. All it takes is a bit of healthy eating and constant awareness of foods calorific value. It’s not easy, but anyone can create their own diet plan.

Today it’s hard to find the time to cook never mind create a diet, so to help you on your quest to finding the perfect diet, take a quick look at our brief guide to some of the most popular diets out there right now.

Atkins Diet – This has gained worldwide popularity and is undoubtedly now the world’s most famous diet, the Atkins diet is a premium diet which works and some people simply love it because it is high protein and relatively little carbohydrate. It sounds ideal because you can eat a lot of meat, but after a while it’s harder than you think. This is also one of the most expensive diets in terms of food.

GI Diet – The GI diet is based on what’s known as the glycemic index of food and it assigns points based on the content of glucose in the food, and because the body burns glucose quick, food with a high score (high glucose) is prohibited. As a result, this diet teaches you to eat food which keeps you full for longer.

Weight Watchers – Weight watchers has to be the world’s most famous diet and it is also perhaps one of the most effective. Essentially, you get a number of points to spend each day, and there is a menu of foods with different points. Between regular meetings with weigh-ins and a lot of support, and the effective points system, this really is a great diet for many reasons.

Grapefruit Diet – Unlike the others, this is a completely free diet which you can find on the Internet. It uses grapefruit as the main fat burning part and you limit your calorific intake at the same time as eating a lot of grapefruit which has been scientifically proven to burn fat.

With more and more diets appearing, the most popular ones are certainly listed here, but one more we haven’t mentioned is the weight loss system introduced by the total loser reality TV show. This is more of a complete life changing experience, but it really does work as they’ve proven on TV.

If you want to lose weight, don’t struggle when it comes to choosing the perfect diet, as the secret is simply to burn more calories than you eat.

Losing weight without a diet is possible, by simply eating regularly and more healthily. Exercise is an important part at the same time. There really is no secret ingredient when it comes to weight loss other than hard work, focus and a lot of motivation.