Popular Diets

Popular diet plans also known as Fad diets are step by step procedures to lose weight and maintain it. There are many diets popularly used all around the world. These popular diets are made keeping in mind different people with various physiques and health conditions that is why they are popular.

Here are some popular diets.

Ultimate Weight Solution by Dr. Phil

The idea is to manage weight and alter attitude/ behavior with respect to a healthy diet and regular exercise. Inculcation of healthy eating by removing fats, cholesterol, sugars etc from your diet. Use of these ingredients in this popular diet plan may prone you to various discomforts in the long run like diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, fluctuating blood pressures etc.

Glycemic Index Diet

This popular diet is inclusive of low carbohydrates. Use the following ingredients only:

o oats, barely, bran for breakfast

o whole grain or stone ground flour or sour dough breads

o fresh vegetables and salads except potatoes

o basmati or doongara rice

Zone Diet

Make zones of your meal. Divide portions like 40% carbohydrates, 30% minerals and 30% protiens. You can make a variation according to your body requirement and change the portions as per need. Records need to be maintained and regularly checked in this popular diet plan.

Atkins Diet Plan

This diet plan enforces the use of protiens and a combination of minerals and vitamins subtracting all the carbohydrates. This popular diet will burn the fats stored and re-establish the body’s metabolism. It is proved that carbohydrates need to go out of your diet.

Raw Food Diet

Cooked food is processed and looses some essential enzymes which create a strong immune system. In addition, cooking the food makes it loaded with impurities, calories and fats. Nuts, seeds, ripe fruits, leafy vegetables are recommended in this popular diet plan.

South Beach Diet

First step is to remove carbohydrates and eat only protiens. There should be a reduction of about 8-12 pounds in this detoxification process. The second step should be to include only limited carbs in your diet. This should result in the removal of further 2-4 pounds per week. In the third phase you can eat almost everything but in reasonable quantity. The concept is to start drastically, lose pounds by finishing carbohydrates and inducing only low calories. Later decrease intake in general and revert back to normalcy in this popular diet.

Cabbage Soup Diet

Prepare a stock by boiling cabbage leaves in water, add salt to taste. Be sure not to add any fats or cholesterol. This soup is proved to burn calories and visibly reduces weight.

Sugar Buster

Sugar produces insulin in the body and result in storing fats as a consequence any kind of sugar, even as a by product from starchy complex carbohydrates are not to be consumed in this popular diet plan. This diet is especially suitable for diabetic patients, children, people suffering from hypoglycemia and cardiovascular diseases.

Popular Diets That Promise Weight Loss

Our population is growing bigger everyday, and we are not talking about the number of people that are on this planet. Americans are growing in size and at this rate we will be a country of nothing but overweight people. There are a myriad of popular diets that all claim that with just a couple of pills everyday, you can drop five pant sizes in just a few days. A lot of these, although very popular diets, are just trying to sell you a product that will do nothing in regards to making you thinner. The only reduction that you will feel is the amount of money in your wallet. They promise you the world and in the end deliver to you empty promises.

There are a few popular diets that can provide you results that are positive. The first thing that you need to know when dealing with a diet, is that there is no miracle diet that will take away the pounds in a dramatic fashion. These diets will however allow you to lose some extra weight while still at the same time remaining healthy. Another thing that you need to be aware of, is that any diet that says that you can lose ten pounds in ten days, is selling you a product that will in the end be very unhealthy for you. It is never a good idea to lose this much weight in such a short amount of time.

One of the great, popular diets that is on the market is called the fool proof diet. This is exactly as its names implies. These diets are based on you, for lack of a better term, tricking your body into not realizing that you are dieting. When a person begins a diet, their body is the main reason that the diet fails. We store body fat for the purpose of providing fuel. This fat is used when we do not have provide enough food to the body. The body will reduce the rate that this fat is burned, and a result, your body is defeating the diet by thinking it is protecting you.

The fool proof diet allows you to diet and your body never knows any different. The way that this works, is that you change everyday, the number of calories that you take in, this as a result keeps your body guessing as to what is going on.

Another of the popular dietsthat seems to have a massive following is the lemonade and cabbage diet. This is simply a diet that has you eat nothing but cabbage and drink lemonade for about two weeks, then you are supposedly going to see a drastic result in weight loss. If this diet works or not, is anybody’s guess, the one thing that can be said is that you will not want cabbage or lemonade ever again after being on this diet for two weeks.

Regardless of which of these popular diets that you choose, you will need to make sure that you investigate them thoroughly, to ensure that you know what exactly you are getting into. Good luck in achieving your weight loss goals.