Which Are The Most Popular Diet Plans for Stomach Fat Loss?

Which are the most popular diet plans available these days?

What with the overabundance of books and electronic resources pertaining to weight loss, including the thousands of doctors, dietitians, and nutritional coaches who are continuously developing new, faster, better diet plans appropriate for almost everyone you’d think they would have begun a healthy lifestyle revolution by now.

On the contrary, in spite of this information explosion age we are in and the increasing consciousness among people across cultures and ages, the rate of obesity continues to rise at an alarming rate.

Hence, the market for popular diet plans and weight loss programs will always be very broad and lucrative.

Below is a short review of four of the most popular diet plans today.

The Low Glycemic Index Diet

If you want to lose that stubborn belly fat then this diet is for you. From the moment that we wake up in the morning until we retire at night, and even in our sleep, our body needs energy for the various activities we do and the different chemical processes happening inside us.

Energy comes from glucose which is derived from the breakdown of carbohydrates found in foods like rice, bread, and sugar. Do you see the connection? First, we eat carbohydrates, and then it is converted to glucose, which then becomes a source of energy that enables our body to perform physical activities like walking, jumping or carrying heavy stuff.

Scientists have proven that insulin levels rise when we eat carbohydrates. Insulin as a hormone is critical in the metabolic process because it enables liver, muscle and fat cells to absorb glucose from the blood, piling it up as glycogen and preventing fat use as source of energy.

A low glycemic index diet supports the idea that highly refined foods plus simple carbohydrates are directly responsible in the development of our excess body fat. Since these high glycemic index foods are quickly converted to glucose, the higher is the rise in insulin level. And fat storage is only possible when the insulin level is high.

Keeping your insulin levels at bay prevents fat storage and encourages fat burning by transforming fat into fuel or energy for the body.

Summing up everything about the low glycemic index diet, the higher the glycemic index value of a carbohydrate is, the faster is its conversion to glucose and hence, the bigger your belly becomes.

The Mediterranean Diet Plan

Most Mediterranean cuisine are characterized by fresh greens, whole grains, leafy vegetables, and fruits, olive oil, considered a healthy oil, as well as fish, eggs and lean meat eaten in very minimal amounts. This plan reinforces a long-term healthier eating habit and has often been referred to as the most heart-friendly diet.

Fruits replace sugar-packed and calorie-laden desserts and natural honey is recommended as a sweetener.

People who eat this way are said to be less likely to suffer from degenerative diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

The South Beach Diet Plan

You need to know by heart the glycemic index list if you are to succeed with this plan. It focuses on recognizing and eating good carbohydrates like beans, nuts and lentils, and avoiding bad carbohydrates like fries, burgers and rice.

Low carbohydrate, low glycemic index foods and healthy oils define the South Beach Diet Plan, and spells out its success as a long time popular weight loss program.

Three phases define the plan. The first phase focuses on loading up only on allowable healthy, good carbs, followed by the second phase, which is a gradual addition of other types of carbs until you achieve your desired weight. The third and last phase concentrates on maintenance and reinforcing lifelong healthy eating habits.

6 Reasons Why Popular Diets And Sex Make For Successful Weight Loss

You can achieve real weight reduction, by incorporating sex as a form of physical exercise, with any of the major popular diets on the market today to see weight loss results. There has been a fair amount of research done (go figure) on this topic and the conclusions point to the fact that there are many benefits to including sexual activity into your overall weight loss. And medical research bears this claim out when you look at these 6 reasons at to why making sex a mainstay exercise, when combined with the most popular diets on the market can support your weight loss goals.

Sex is Good Exercise – Stated simply sex helps to burn calories because of the physical nature of the activity. As with any aerobic exercise your heart rate increases and the longer you are engaged in the process (and who doesn’t love that) the more calories you will burn. Those that are slightly more adventurous in terms of changing into different positions more frequently can actually build muscle, which also burns calories. To be clear you are not going to turn into an Olympic athlete simply by having sex, but engaging in sexual activity is very good complementary exercise to an overall physical fitness routine.
Sex Makes You Feel Good – Before you say “Thank You Captain Obvious” hear me out. A satisfying sexual experience (however one defines that) usually puts most people in a better mental state. And when you feel better about yourself it is easier to focus on trying to be healthier, including concentrating on weight loss. Incorporating sex into your overall physical fitness routine is a good way to complement a diet and exercise plan because the better you feel and the happier your mood is, the easier it is to reach your goal.
You’ll Be Motivated to Eat More Healthfully – If you have decided to lose some amount of weight and have looked at any of the popular diets that can provide real results, increasing your sexual activity will keep you focused on eating properly. Several people I have worked with on weight loss programs use sex as a personal reward. So, for example, if they were able to stick to their diet and exercise plan on a particular day they rewarded themselves accordingly. If not, they abstained until meeting their goal the next day. Doing this serves as a very real and powerful motivator to stay on track (assuming your partner is supportive of this approach).
When You Are Alone You Eat More – One of the challenges in following any of the popular diets that focus on tracking what you specifically eat, is not straying off a defined meal plan. That can be hard to do when you are alone as most people have a tendency to eat more when they are by themselves. I am not suggesting being with someone will guarantee you will lose weight. But it does improve your chances of staying on a diet as they can serve to remind you to stay on your plan.
Stress Reduction – Simply engaging in sex is a great stress reliever both in terms of physical exercise as well as through our body’s release of endorphins which happens during orgasm. That has the immediate effect of feeling good physically. Less stress can also keep you more motivated to stay with a diet and exercise plan over the long term.
You Partner Will Support Your Weight Loss Goals – We all need support when losing weight. Simply telling your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, or partner of your weight loss goal and your need of their active participation as part of your exercise routine is bound to get their involvement, and that’s a good thing

When you are considering popular diets for weight loss, keep in mind the role that exercise plays in helping you reach goals and consider sex a useful and fun addition to any diet and exercise plan.